The residents of Lewisham and their ancestors have come from every corner of the globe. Most images of these people have yet to be seen by the wider public.
Unfortunately, in a few years, many precious, historic images will be dust, especially the mass-produced colour images of the 1970's and 80's. It is important that they are preserved, and publishing them online is one way of doing so, and sharing them with the world.

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Sarah Eiddwen. Felinfoel. South Wales.






'Dat' 1920

Teenager 1966

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Great Grandma Roberts

Up West - Early 50's

Maritime Family (1) - [john archive]

A Childhood In The Phillipines [manolo family album]

A Childhood In Wales. County Primary School Class. 1961

Felinfoel County Primary School
Back row L>R
Noel Rees. John Armstrong. Vincent Bush. Robert Bartlett. Phillip Williams. Barry Brooks.
Middle row L>R
Gareth Roberts. Douglas Jones. Stephen Evans. Robert James. Robert Kenyon. Haydn Beynon. Desmond Butler.
Front row L>R
Maria Edmunds. Gwynneth ... Karen Davies. [?] Ceridwen Price. Melita Hopkins. Gaynor Lemon. Elizabeth Norris. Susan ....
Master: Mr John Williams.

Standard 3E, Felinfoel County Primary School, Carmarthenshire. 1961.
Teacher Mr John Williams. Scene: Boys' Playground. Background: Freddie Tripp's sweetshop. Adulam Row, Adulam Baptist Chapel and festri.

Alice 1923

Austerity Wedding Beakfast. 1951

A Childhood In Canada (2) Miss Evans, Dance Teacher. 1933 [jay family album]

School Day Trip 1950's

Day Trip To Joss Bay. 1950's

Day Trip To Calais 1958

Jay 2004

A Childhood In Canada (1) - [jay family album]